Episode 93: Maia Duerr


Maia Duerr joined Johny Broomdust and intrepid sound man and fiddle and mandolin player Eric Chappelle for a fascinating discussion about Zen Buddhist practice, Tewa Women United, and much more.  We played a couple of unes too.  For more information about Maia, please visit her webpage maiaduerr.comMaiaDuerr_GenevieveRussell-8526.jpg


Episode 92: The Dirty Rain Revelers


Matt and Melissa DeOrazio were in the casita/garaje.  Formerly Sweet Jones, they are now the Dirty Rain Revelers.  They played a bunch of their original tunes and talkied about living in New Orleans, their current New Mexico tour, projects they are working on and much more.



Episode 91: Talia Kosh


Talia Kosh was at the all new "Garaje de Broomdust."  She played her ukulele and sang her original songs.  And we had a great chat about lobbyists, lawyering, music, and everything else.  Debbie L'Insalata made a surprise appearance!  Talia's band Golden General will be opening the AMP concert in the Railyard Plaza on July 1. 



Episode 90; Rumelia Collective


Rumelia Collective was in the Casita.  They filled up the house with beautiful vocal harmonies and exotic instrumental accompaniment.  They played and sang lots of music from the Balkans.  And we had a great chat in between songs.  Intrepid soundman and fiddle/mandolin player Eric Chappelle was also in the house providing engineering and color commentary.  Give it a listen!



Episode 89: Cody Mc


The legendary Cody Mc made a quick visit to Santa Fe and stopped by the Casita for Episode 89, a reprise of his celebrated previous appearance on Episode 69!  We played music, yucked it up, and had a blast!  Photo by Kaci Head.CodyBrooklyn.jpg 


Episode 88: Karina Wilson


Karina Wilson was in the casita!  Eric Chappelle was on hand for sound.  The photo was taken a while back by Jennifer Esperanza.  Karina talked about her travels all over the world and played some delightful fiddle tunes from Sweden, France, Galicia, and more.  We also played some Broomdust favorites.  Eric thinks this was the "best podcast ever."  Please give it a listen.



CDB 87: Ben Baur


Ben Baur was in the Casita!  Ben plays drums for Controlled Burn and JJ and the Hooligans.  He is also the head of the New Mexico Public Defender Office.  Eric Chappelle was also in the house, along with Mike the Cello Player from Tacoma, and Cosmic Cowboy Jim Goulden!



CDB 86: John Treadwell


The Big Frog, the dude himself, John Treadwell came by to talk about Frogville, the vinyl release of Anthony Leon and the Chain's "Hell to Pay" and much more.  This Podcast was a blast!  Enjoy!  Photo by Coad Miler.



CDB 85: The Broomdust Quartet!


We're back!  After a long hiatus, the Casita de Broomdust Podcast has returned, and it's better than ever!  Delightful music and chit chat from Santa Fe's most cosmic and joyously enigmatic older male characters.  Eric Chappelle, Cosmic Cowboy Jim Goulden, Mike the Cello Player from Tacoma, and johny Broomdust - Seattle's own Broomdust Quartet!



Episode 84: Stephen Rommel


Actor, DJ, and Man About Town Stephen Rommel was in the Casita along with intrepid soundman and fiddler Eric Chappelle and Mike the Cello Player.  A good time was had by all!  Enjoy!




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