Episode 67: Felix y Los Gatos!


The music in this podcast will blow your mind!  Felix Peralta and gatos David Barclay Gomez and Noah Martinez were in the casita, along with intrepid sound man, violin/mandolinist, and man about town Eric Chappelle and photographer Jennifer Esperanza.  This was muy fun! ¡Escucha!


Episode 66: Garry Blackchild


American folk singer, songwriter, deep thinker, and all around great guy Garry Blackchild was in the Casita.  Garry played some great old folk songs and some originals.  We talked about American music and about America - race, drugs, guns, police misconduct, incarceration, and a few other high points of American politics and culture.  Photographer Jennifer Esperanza and sound man/musical genius Eric Chappelle added their creativity and insights.  A good time was had by all!  Get your kicks!  Give it a listen!



Episode 65: St. Range


Drummer Braden Anderson, keyboardist Mitchell Lacassagne, and guitar player/singer Justin Lindsey of St. Range (bass player Andy Diekmann was in New Orleans with the U.S. Navy) stopped by the casita to play some tunes Justin heard on the radio on the way over, an acoustic version of the band's new tune "I'm Still Here" (the Frogville Studio rough mix is at the end of the podcast); we even played a Merle Haggard tune.  Justin, who also plays guitar with the Broomdust Caravan, was the guest on CDB #37 back when the band was called the Strange.  Along with playing some music, we did a lot of shooting the shit about everything that came to mind.  Eric Chappelle was on hand running the sound and playing some mandolin.  Photography by Jennifer Esperanza. 



Episode 64: Eryn Bent




Episode 63: Shiners Club Jazz Band


Westin McDowell (guitar and vocals), Jackie Meyers (piano and vocals), Scott McDowell (clarinet), and Josh Martin (bass) were at the Casita to play a bunch of swinging tunes from the Shiners Club Jazz Band repertoire and talk about everything under the Santa Fe sun. Muchas gracias to our intrepid sound man and all around great guy Eric Chappelle and our wonderful photographer Jennifer Esperanza.


Episode 62: Anthony Leon and Paige Barton


Anthony Leon and Paige Barton stopped by the casita to play some tunes and talk about everything under the sun.  Sadly, they are soon departing Santa Fe for Florida.  We are so glad we got a chance to hang out with two of Santa Fe's favorite musicians before they go.  Photography by Jennifer Esperanza.  Sound, mandolin and general awesomeness by Eric Chappelle.



Episode 61: Fields of Elysium


Brilliantly talented progressive death metal band Fields of Elysium was in the Casita playing acoustic instrumental versions of their original death metal and talking about music, chaos, and order.  The band is Daniel Murphy, Quanah Lee, Mike Petri, and Andre Lamoreux.  Like nothing you've ever heard before.  Muchas gracias to our faithful photographer Jennifer Esperanza and sound man, musician, man about town Eric Chappelle.



Episode 60: Lone Piñon


Lone Piñon is Jordan Wax on fiddle, Noah Martinez on guitarrón, Greg Glassman, guitar.  Santiago Romero of Mariachi Sonido also came by.  Eric Chappelle and Jennifer Esperanza were also in the casita.  This podcast was a blast.  Lots of music in this one.  Have a listen.  Let us know what you think!  You can get their CD and follow the band at www.lonepinon.com. [Explicit Language]



Episode 59: Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose


12787149_10153442842472616_248985150_o.jJohny and Sam-Armstrong Zickefoose play some music talk about the banjo, Santa Fe local music, studying music at SFUAD, growing up in Colorado Springs.  Jennifer Esperanza came by to take pictures and offer a few questions and answers.  Eric was laid up with the Santa Fe crud so he didn't make it to the casita, but he did the editing even though he was sick.  Thanks, Eric Chappelle!  Enjoy the Podcast.  Comment and share.  Help us spread the word about this groovy little Podcast. [Explicit Language]


Episode 58: Julesworks!


The cast of Julesworks Number 42: Not Quite Valentine's Day Show!  Ferg, Jules, Cello Dog, our intrepid sound man and dude about town Eric Chappelle, all of whom are part of Julesworks Number 42 were on hand.  AND Photographer Jennifer Esperanza AND Johny's musician buddy Stash (who is moving to Santa Fe from Alabama).  This is a really fun one y'all.  Give it a listen! [Explicit Language]


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