CDB 85: The Broomdust Quartet!


We're back!  After a long hiatus, the Casita de Broomdust Podcast has returned, and it's better than ever!  Delightful music and chit chat from Santa Fe's most cosmic and joyously enigmatic older male characters.  Eric Chappelle, Cosmic Cowboy Jim Goulden, Mike the Cello Player from Tacoma, and johny Broomdust - Seattle's own Broomdust Quartet!



Episode 84: Stephen Rommel


Actor, DJ, and Man About Town Stephen Rommel was in the Casita along with intrepid soundman and fiddler Eric Chappelle and Mike the Cello Player.  A good time was had by all!  Enjoy!




Episode 83: Joe West


Songwriter, musician, and theatrical impresario Joe West was in the Casita, along with Johny Broomdust, sound man maestro Eric Chappelle, and photographer Jennifer Esperanza.  We talked about Theater of Death and Joe's extensive multi-faceted creative work.  We also played a bunch of music and had a great time.  Give it a listen!



Episode 82: Loren Haynes


Musician, actor, and photographer Loren Haynes talks about recording his album at Frogville and plays a few snippets.  He also shares stories about his career as a photographer, including his work creating portraits for Spin Magazine.  Eric Chappelle did sound.  Jennifer Esperanza created the wonderful photograph of Loren (the quilt behind him is a work in progress by Clementine Wood). 



Episode 81: Hidden Whale/ Jim Goulden and Angela Gabriel


This may be the most delightful Casita de Broomdust Podcast ever!  New Broomdust Quintet member Jim Goulden and his wife Angela Gabriel join Johny Broomdust, Eric Chappelle, Mike the Cello Player from Tacoma, and photographer Jennifer Esperanza.  Jim and Angel play and sing some Hidden Whale tunes and the whole gang gleefully gabs about all manner of silliness.  Don't miss it!



Episode 80: GRYGRDNS


Brilliantly talented Miranda Scott and Eliza Lutz combine virtuoso vocals and guitar playing with raw emotion to create deeply beautiful musical textures and landscapes. their music at


Episode 79: Genzan Quennell


Genzan Quennell, a novice priest at the Upaya Zen Center, sits down with host Johny Broomdust, sound guy/musician Eric Chappelle, photographer Jennifer Esperanza and Mike the Cello Player for a great little chat and a couple of songs.  Enjoy!


Episode 78: Joie Flare


Singer, songwriter, bass player for the Sticky, ultra groovy musician Joie Flare was in the Casita for a lovely and lively little chat and some deeply beautiful music.  Intrepid sound guy Eric Chappelle was also on hand, along with photographer Jennifer Esperanza.   You all are gonna love this one! 



Episode 77: Pangeajams Daniel and Stash Czerkawski


Daniel Czerkawski co-founded (with his dad Stash) Pangeajams and was the band's drummer when he was four.  Daniel and Stash moved to Santa Fe from Auburn, Alabama, over the summer so Daniel, who is now 11, could attend the Santa Fe Waldorf school.  Stash and Daniel played some music and chatted about the Pangeajams musical education project, Stash's art, and much more.  Many thanks to Eric Chappelle for sound and fiddle and Jennifer Esperanza for her wonderful photography and astute observational wisdom.



Episode 76: Greg Lopez of Chango!


Greg Lopez, lead guitarist for Santa Fe rock sensation Chango!, perennial Julesworks castmember, and all around great guy, joins Johny and Eric for another fabulous episode of the Casita de Broomdust Podcast!  This one is solid gold from stem to stern.  Don't miss it!  Many many thanks to our wonderful photographer and artist in residence Jennifer Esperanza for her beautiful photography.



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