Episode 73: Yusuf Kilgore and Andy Zadrozny



Guitarist Yusuf Kilgore recently arrived in Santa Fe from New Orleans.  He brought along bassist Andy Zadrozny.  They played the hell out of some tunes, and we all had great little chat.  Like Eric Chappelle and Johny Broomdust, Andy and Yusuf both spent many years playing music in Seattle before they made their way to Santa Fe.  Jennifer Esperanza was also in the casita, working her photographic magic.  Andy and Yusuf will be hosting a Thursday night Blue Boogaloo Jam at El Meson on some upcoming Thursday nights.  Find Yusuf on Facebook and Andy at www.soundhealing.us.


Episode 72: Michael Dellheim, Sweet Jones


Michael Dellheim, Executive director of Outside/In and main man of the Santa Fe Plaza Bandstand was in the Casita, along with our good friends from New Orleans, Matt and Melissa DeOrazio aka Sweet Jones.  There is plenty of music and plenty of interesting chatter.  Give it a listen!



Episode 71: Karina Wilson


Karina Wilson is back from Ireland.  She had lots of new tunes and stories to share.  Recording engineer/resident musician Eric Chappelle and photographer Jennifer Esperanza were also in the Casita as were Broomdust gatitas Izzy and Bella,  What fun!



Episode 70: Mariachi Sonidos del Monte


Santiago Romero, Eric Ortiz, Gabe Tafoya, Gabe Chavez, and Margaret Armstrong, of Mariachi Sonidos del Monte, were in the Casita playing music and talking about all things Mariachi!  Sound man Eric Chappelle and photographer Jennifer Esperanza came by for the fiesta! 



Episode 69: Cody Mack


The man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Cody Mack was in the Casita as promised for Episode 69! We played some music and had a great little chat!



Episode 68: Marjiel Danse


Santa Fe Singer, songwriter, and community activist Marjiel Danse was in the casita.  Marjiel played her beautiful original songs.  Intrepid audio man and fiddle/mandolin player Eric Chappelle and photographer Jennifer Esperanza also got in on the conversation.  We chatted about Earthcares, environmental and social justice, culture, politics, emotional alchemy, Marjiel's Zorra Azul duo with Todd Lovato, Daniel Berrigan's recent funeral, and much more.  Tune in!

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Episode 67: Felix y Los Gatos!


The music in this podcast will blow your mind!  Felix Peralta and gatos David Barclay Gomez and Noah Martinez were in the casita, along with intrepid sound man, violin/mandolinist, and man about town Eric Chappelle and photographer Jennifer Esperanza.  This was muy fun! ¡Escucha!


Episode 66: Garry Blackchild


American folk singer, songwriter, deep thinker, and all around great guy Garry Blackchild was in the Casita.  Garry played some great old folk songs and some originals.  We talked about American music and about America - race, drugs, guns, police misconduct, incarceration, and a few other high points of American politics and culture.  Photographer Jennifer Esperanza and sound man/musical genius Eric Chappelle added their creativity and insights.  A good time was had by all!  Get your kicks!  Give it a listen!



Episode 65: St. Range


Drummer Braden Anderson, keyboardist Mitchell Lacassagne, and guitar player/singer Justin Lindsey of St. Range (bass player Andy Diekmann was in New Orleans with the U.S. Navy) stopped by the casita to play some tunes Justin heard on the radio on the way over, an acoustic version of the band's new tune "I'm Still Here" (the Frogville Studio rough mix is at the end of the podcast); we even played a Merle Haggard tune.  Justin, who also plays guitar with the Broomdust Caravan, was the guest on CDB #37 back when the band was called the Strange.  Along with playing some music, we did a lot of shooting the shit about everything that came to mind.  Eric Chappelle was on hand running the sound and playing some mandolin.  Photography by Jennifer Esperanza. 



Episode 64: Eryn Bent




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