Episode 13: Journeying with Luisa Kolker


Santa Fe shamanic teacher and psychotherapist Luisa Kolker joins Eric and Johny for a discussion of spiritual journeying, music, community, and many other topics.  The discussion ranges from Shamanic work to Jemez Pueblo dances to ceremonial gardening to the use of plant medicine to the role of music in spirituality and community consciousness.  There is some talk about the most recent Frogfest, the Strange, the Broomdust Caravan, the perils of an "open stage," the importance of boundaries, and the power of group consciousness. Luisa reveals what led her to leave the United States to become a student of a shamanic spiritual teacher in Spain.  She talks about her grandmother, Concepción Palacios, first female physician in Central America and a Sandanista hero in Central American liberation struggles; in her nineties, she still wore combat boots and cammies to work in the garden!   Luisa lives in Eldorado so how could there not be at least a brief discussion of the great Eldorado Chicken Fuster Cluck?!  Much of this week's podcast is about the power and beauty of spiritually connected communities.  "There's beer, there's marijuana, and then, there's also . . . what I think was the hidden allure of the Grateful Dead, which was the Theta brain wave state."